Pink And Green Tourmaline Inspired French Barrette

$ 21.65

--Light pink, light dark green, crystal clear. Color placement will vary.
--Tourmaline inspired colors.
--80 mm / 3.15 inches.
--One genuine French hair barrette.

An authentic French barrette carefully hand beaded with glass beads in pink, green, and crystal color, then securely sewn to the barrette base!

This Tourmaline color inspired barrette is great to pull back long and/or thick hair!

Why does the 'authentic' part matter? Struggling with French 'style' barrettes often leads to things like losing the middle piece, having very sharp edges and sides, to even watching them completely fall apart after a few months, or sooner. Authentic, French barrette bases are made of strong, heavy gauge steel. The spring and back are all one part, and the backs are stamped with 'Made In France", so you know it's the real deal.

I'm sad to say, due to international manufacturing closures caused by Covid lockdowns, many barrette sizes I make will no longer be available for me to offer once they are sold out. Many of my items are made to order, or limited edition. If you see something you like, I'd grab it, it might not be available again! I have very few 80mm and 90mm barrette bases left right now. They will be listed as they are finished over the next few weeks to months. I may offer a similar 80mm and 90mm based barrette that has proven to be sturdy and all one piece in the future, but they will be more expensive.

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