Large French Barrette, Purple And Amber, 80mm Or 90mm

$ 22.00

Pick from 2 different sizes. (on sale)

--Amethyst Purple Silver Lined and Amber Light Topaz color beads.
--80 mm / 3.15 inches.
--90 mm / 3.54 inches.
--One genuine French hair barrette.

An authentic French barrette carefully hand beaded with glass beads in a purple silver lined and Amber light Topaz color, securely sewn to the barrette base!

These purple silver lined and amber light topaz color barrettes are great to pull back long and/or thick hair!

Why does the 'authentic' part matter? Struggling with French 'style' barrettes often leads to things like losing the middle piece, having very sharp edges and sides, to even watching them completely fall apart after a few months, or sooner. Authentic, French barrette bases are made of strong, heavy gauge steel. The spring and back are all one part, and the backs are stamped with 'Made In France", so you know it's the real deal.

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