Blue Fabric Flowers With White Floral Lace Earring Hanger For Wall

$ 20.00 $ 25.00

Use decor to hang a few of your favorite earrings or skip the earrings and use as decor only!

Spring and Summer are the perfect times to display this carefully crafted, blue floral earring hanger and wall decor!

White floral open weaved fabric is wrapped inside a 10-inch wood hoop. The outside is decorated with large baby blue fabric flowers.

Earrings slide easily in and out of holes, just be sure not to pull or tug hard!  The earrings shown are used for example only and are not included.

Love the design but don't want to hang your earrings on it?  No problem!  Hoop can double as just one of a kind wall decor for your bedroom, living room, dorm, etc.!  Use whatever you'd like (such as double looped clear plastic line, ribbon, etc.) to hang your lightweight, decorative hoop.


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