Blue Bunny Beaded Keychain With Detachable Charm

$ 24.70 $ 26.00

A hand beaded, light blue bunny charm has been attached to a large chain/keychain (figure 8 key chain). The bunny also features a beaded row of flowers around its neck, and on top of its ear!

The keychain is 5 inches long, and the bunny charm is actually detachable, as it is attached with a medium size lobster clasp.  

Just the bunny itself is approx 1 1/2 long by 1 3/4 wide (when measured by its longest/widest parts).

Great for planners and notebooks, attach to a bracelet or necklace, or anywhere else you'd like to clip your blue bunny!  

The flower bunny design is by Lady Lunar Cat.

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