Shamrock Earring Wall Organizer With Green Four Leaf Clover Crystal Earrings

$ 17.00

A 4 inch wood embroidery hoop has been wrapped in soft white embroidery floss. A pretty white mesh fabric with plush like shamrocks is inside the hoop, ready to hang your earrings. There is also just a touch of tiny light glitter spread throughout!

Set includes shiny, 12mm Swarovski Crystal Clover Bead earrings in Fern Green. They have 22k gold plated ear wire hooks, and measure approx. 1 1/4 inches long. Size includes the hooks.

Your earrings will slide easily in and out of holes, just be sure not to pull or tug hard! Use whatever you'd like (such as double looped clear plastic line, ribbon, etc.) to hang your lightweight, decorative hoop!

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