Black And Silver Color Beaded Skirt Screw-On Non Pierced Earrings

$ 32.00

Fun and funky beaded 'skirt' earrings! The top of these earrings is beaded with Miyuki triangle beads, then loops of black and silver BeadSmith Union beads are added to the bottoms!

These edgy earrings are 2 inches long, when measured from the top of the ear clip to the very bottom of the earring. They are almost 1 1/2 wide at the bottom, which can vary a bit depending on how the loops are hanging. The earring itself, not including the ear clip is 1 3/4 inches long.

The ear clips are 925 sterling silver (stamped along the side of the U) screw-on Clips with a 3mm Ball. They have a U shape that slides underneath your lobe, and the screw on the back allows you to create the perfect amount of snugness. They are 15mm.

----Do not submerge in water or leave in extreme temperatures.

----Color may vary due to different monitors/screens.

----Glass beads are delicate and should be treated with care.

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