Rocker Chic Dangle Earrings With Metallic Rainbow Drops, Silver Filled Ear Wires

$ 18.99 $ 22.99

Shiny, and attention grabbing, these earrings feature Miyuki Glass seed beads beaded into a triangle top, followed by a stack of 4mm faceted cube Rhodium plated Hematite. The plating gives it a metallic rainbow color. You can twist the bottom beads, or leave them as a straight line.

These earrings are 3 inches long, and a little over a 1/2 inch wide. Just the earring itself, not including any portion of the ear hook, is 2 1/2 inches.

The ear wires are 925/10 silver filled, which means they are made of 10% silver, compared to 925/20 silver-filled, which is only made up of 5% silver. The silver is mechanically bonded to a brass core.

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