Girl Nerd Charm Set And Wall Decor

$ 18.99

Unique decor that also houses a cute, nerdy charm chain!  Only one has been made like it!

A gunmetal swivel chain holds a metal black/white sneaker, a pair of resin black glasses, and a small ceramic black and white bead. The chain is approx. 5 inches long from the very top of the swivel to the bottom of the sneaker. 

These keychain comes with a 4 inch wood frame hoop that has gray fabric wrapped around the outside, with an off white/beige fabric inside. There is another black resin eyeglass attached firmly to the inside, as decor. The keychain hangs from a sturdy metal triangle - and it is easy to remove the keychain for use, or attach it back to the decor holder when not in use. Decorated wood holder can be hung on the wall, and is small enough for areas that don't offer much room for decoration, or as an accent to other nerd girl things!

Purchase for yourself, or as a gift!  The versatile charm is great for planners and notebooks, or a purse or backpack, on the loop of jeans, it's all up to you!

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