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Candy Planners Make The World Go Round

When I was young, I used to live for planners and diaries.  I'm old, so this is, of course, back in the dark ages when computers didn't quite exist yet for common folk, we played Zelda only on Nintendo and we talked to each other with mouth words and not finger words.  I know - the horror.  But...I digress....

Anyway, I had a faithful diary along with a faithful planner (ie: trapper keeper) where I would keep my deepest, darkest secrets in one, and my biology homework in the other.  Back then (again, the dark ages) we had funky plastic charms to keep us company (later replaced, for me, by garbage pale kid trading cards.  I am still on the lookout for those originals, btw).  I had record charms, flute charms, tennis racquet charms - you NAME it, I had it.  

Fast forward to now, and I honestly wish I had the cutest beaded buddies to keep those awesome diaries and trapper keepers company. I think they would have loved it, and I would have too.

So, in the spirit of my often misguided but nonetheless awesome youth, I started making charms - great for everything retro - planners, diaries, purses (okay, not retro, but they still totally work here) even rear view mirrors!  (yup, I had dice!  And my high school tassel lol ugh I'm old, and I apparently LOVE parenthesis).  Long live the charm!  And old people! And parenthesis!  *candy charm beaded from a pattern by the talented MigotoChou

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