Every Rose Has Its Thorns. Except These.

I love roses. I love them so much, I tend to love them to death. Like all plants and flowers, I choose to think they want to be watered every five and a half seconds.
I like to envision in my mind them basking in the sun, soaking up rays - turning nice and tan.

But the opposite tends to happen.  I either over water them to the point they are offered
a seat on Noah's Ark, or I broil them, as opposed to lightly basking them, and they look like some warped, BBQ picnic offering.

I also find myself beaten and bloody to the hilt when it is time to dispose of my poor, 'whelp, I gave it my best shot...really thought I had it this time...kinda', roses.

I'm happy to say, though, that these roses will not disappoint.  They will not drown.
They will not burn. And they will not prick you with sharp thorns. They will just hang from your
ears with a massively hot combo of deep red and black.  The look of pretty roses, with none of the work!  These particular roses have sterling silver clip-on hooks, but fear not pierced ear peoples, I can easily make them with pierced ear hooks too!
*roses beaded from patter/design by Extrano